28 April 2008

new layouts

hi everyone! it's been awhile since I last posted here and yeah, it's been awhile as well since I last made a scrapbook layout. here it is....I was able to make 2 layouts in...2days? yeah, yesterday and today. come have a look...

I made this layout yesterday and it's a school theme for my DS Jared. This is just a simple layout and I made use of the 3D stickers that I bought the other day which complement the photos.

I was also able to make a birthday card for my niece, Frances. I used a Kaiser blank card and patterned papers from my scraps. Flowers are from Bella! and the letter F was written using Kindy Glitz.

And here's what I've finished just few minutes ago. Shown in the photo is my DS2 Jhetro who loves waving the Aussie flag everytime he gets hold of it. Australia --- the place to be!

That's all for now. Gotta hit the bed...I only have few hours of sleep left. Til next blog ....God bless us all!



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