15 May 2008


As promised, here are the cardstocks that were embossed using the Fiskars texture plates through the Cuttlebug..

The photos didn't do justice to the real appearance and texture of these cardstocks..they're very embossed! Let me know your comments about this...thanks!

CUTTLEBUG and the Fiskars texture plates

Finally, after (just a few) trials, I already found the right combination (as I've said, right combination for me...which can work for you, too) for the fiskars texture plates to be used with the Cuttlebug! Thanks to my DH who, in most part, did the trial and error thingy.

Here's the sequence/order that I came up with:

from bottom to top:

Cuttlebug Plate A
Fiskars texture plate (in this case I used the "raindrops" texture as a sample)
Cardstock (the green one here)
Silicone bake pie pan (the blue one here, which I cut to the same size of the plates)
Pieces of thin paper (in my case I used something similar to bond paper, and I have 3pcs here, cut into size of the plates)
Cardstock shim (2pcs)
Cuttlebug plate B

this sandwich should go through the Cuttlebug. If you want a deeper impression, you can always add bond paper or something similar to its thickness (or should I say thinness), but this one should be able to give you a deep impression enough to satisfy your liking somehow. As I have said, you and I can never get the deep impression that the Cuttlebug embossing folders give for it has the negative and positive side.

Here's the silicone bake pie pan that I bought from the Reject Shop which only cost me $3 (it's on special, actually). I just cut it to the same width and length of the plates.

Try this one out and if you do, please share with us the outcome of your experiment. Just go easy with the Cuttlebug, don't make it work too hard just to get a very, very deep impression.

Will post the embossed cardstocks later...have to pick up DS2 from Childcare. See yah later!

14 May 2008


this is my new pet ....and it was my hubby's Mother's Day gift to me! now, I just have to look around to buy some embossing folders and dies. I'm sure I'll enjoy using this "bug"....

Happy Cuttlebugging for me!!!!


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