26 September 2008

Thank You Card

I know a lot of you have been to Cammie's blog and read about the cause of her HUGE blog candy. That is her way of thanking the caregivers who are very much involved in looking after people with illnesses/diseases particularly the Alzheimer's Disease (which gave complications that caused her grandma's death on June) I was so touched by her post and was prompted to share and make a thank you card. So, I made this card for a churchmate who happens to be a nurse (and who also does the work of a caregiver). I searched for a poem, printed it and put in onto a card...

This is what the poem says:


You give of your heart, your love, and your life,
To a grandparent, parent, husband or wife.
You dress and you feed them, you clean up the mess,
For months, maybe years, you give of your best.
At times you can laugh, more often there's tears,
As you watch them decline year after year.
So often you feel like there's nobody there,
No one to talk to, there's no one who cares.
Then late at night, you'll sit and just cry,
"It all seems so hopeless, so why do I try?"
And then comes a voice, so soft and so clear,
You look all around you, but no one is near.
Again comes the voice, as soft as can be,
"You know why you try, just look and you'll see."
"You do it for love, you know that is true."
"This love that you have, will help see you through."
"You're not alone, there's someone who'll share."
"The burden you carry, I'll help you bear."
Then in the darkness, a warmth you can feel,
A soft gentle presence, you know it is real.
As you drop off to sleep, the angels above,
Echo the words...."You do it for love."

I was so deeply touched upon reading this and thought I could use it for my "thank you" card. I made the card very simple as I want the focus to be on the poem and the very heart of the message. And I believe that anyone who helps out, not only the caregivers, deserves to be thanked for. ;-)

Blessings to all.


23 September 2008

Holly Hobby Cards and Surprises from SBS 22 Sisters

These are the 2 cards that I was able to finish today. Actually, they've been pre-coloured for a couple of days now. The first card is for a friend who for whatever reason, wasn't able to receive the birthday card I made for her last June. I posted it but then it didn't arrive on her place. So, I promised her that I'll be sending her another one and this is it. You know the original text of "If friends were tomatoes..., they're supposed to be "If friends are flowers... but since Holly is holding a tomato and being surrounded by tomatoes, I decided to change it to "tomatoes". lol! Makes sense? ;-)

If you would notice, the Yoyo Yellow (where I matted the sentiments) has this fiber thing on sides. Well, this usually happens when I cut using my fiskars trimmer (maybe my blades need replacment now). I normally correct them by filing it but this time, I liked the look of it and just left it that way. I then matted it in Choc Chip and intentionally make the Yoyo Yellow longer than the Choc Chip (for added effect) which I think looked nice somehow. (What do you think?) All colours were picked up from the image (grosgrain ribbon picked up the tomatoes') execept for colour pink.

The second card is another Holly Hobby. I also coloured this a week ago now, and I also intentionally coloured one flower burgundy. I didn't have anything on my mind when I chose the colour burgundy. In fact, I was a bit surprised because as far as I can remember, I don't have a single cardstock having this colour. But then, as I digged deeper onto my stash (lol! digged deeper), I found these burgundy cardstocks with some other patterned paper with the same colour. So, I hurriedly grabbed one cardstock and used it here. The patterned paper which I just bought yesterday is from DCWV Far East stack...they complemented nicely, don't they? Then I used my Crayola fluroscent gel pen to put the dots around the card. The green cardstock is also from DCWV (Matchmaker collection) which I also recently bought.

And before I forget, I got surprises on the mail today! Yes!! I would like to thank Sarah for the lovely card she sent me along with stamped images. Thanks also to Peggy who sent me different images of Riley and Elzybells. Thanks heaps to both of you!!! I just received them today.

These are from Sarah..

and these are from Peggy..

Thanks once again ladies! I appreciate them, really.

Good night everyone and thanks for looking! God bless!

22 September 2008

Trying a New Technique

Reverse Masking ---

I guess, this isn't probably new to others but this is new for me. I've been googling for some stamping techniques until I stumbled upon this one. So, after convincing myself, I decided to give it a try. ;-)

This Snowman (from the Christmas Doodles Collection by Inque Boutique) has been sitting on my crafts storage for a couple of weeks now just waiting to be inked. And when I thought of trying this technique, the first stamp that entered my mind was this cute Snowman (or Snowwoman as the image looks more feminine lol!)

What do you think of this technique?? Have you tried it yourself?

I'll just post the details tomorrow as I feel so sleepy already. Gotta hit the bed now.

Nyt y'all! God bless us. :-)



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