23 August 2008

My COPIC markers and NEW CARDS

Hello friends and blog readers! Hope everything's doing well with you. :) I've made a couple of cards to share with you today. Two of these cards were my entry on a competition held by bizzybecs and the other one is a birthday card which I gave to a young boy who celebrated his birthday yesterday. But before that, I'd like you to see my first Copic Markers...(as promised on my last post)

I got 3 Copic Original Markers, Copic Spica glitter pen (clear) and 3 Copic Ciao. I think I'll have Copic Ciao more than the original markers due to its round shape. Aside from that, they are more economical and cheaper than the original Copic markers. Plus the Ciao has a brush tip on the other end making it easier for me to colour an image.

Below are the two cards that I entered for the competition:

The only mechanic was to use the colours brown, green and blue. You can use them on their own (different shades), two colours combined or the the three colours altogether. The stamps that I used were all from Stampendous. This is the very first competition that I joined, though I didn't win this one, at least I was able to experience how it is to join such competition. :)

And this is the birthday card specially made for a young Ben 10 fan..

Image is computer-generated (as I don't have any Ben 10 stamp, and I'm not sure if there's Ben 10 stamps already in the market LOL!). This is the first time I used my Copic Marker (on Ben 10's hair only)...the rest were all Sugarloaf markers and watercolour pencils, and ink as well. I used my Copic Spica on his watch and on the sentiments as well.

This is all for now and hope you'll keep visiting my blog for updates.

God bless us all! :)

20 August 2008

birthday card and my new Copic Spica glitter pen

I have another birthday card to share with you and I made this for one of my closest friends back in the Philippines. She just gave birth to another baby boy and I just included my congratulations in this card.

yes! I already got my first Copic Markers! yay!! got 3 of them...I'll post their colours next time and upload pics of them as well. I also got a Copic Spica glitter pen (the clear one). I actually used Copic Spica in my cupcake's frosting (hope you can see it in this picture)...I was trying to capture the glitter but I just couldn't :( For the red cherry on top, I used my Kindyglitz red to give it more life.

and btw, I already know how to tie knots on, my future cards will have more ribbons on it. :)

have a blessed day and take care!



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