12 July 2008


These are my 2 new cards that I was able to finish while watching TFC (the Filipino channel). This is a card where I used a stamp the second time and used my VersaMagic white chalk ink and my new embossing folder (textile).

The second card is a birthday card which I will send in the Philippines for my friend's son.

Hope you like them...good thing I was able to make these cards despite of the fact that I'm feeling a bit of headache due to a very cold weather.

God bless everyone!

08 July 2008

UPDATES...and altered clocks

Hi everyone! It's been quite awhile since I last wrote an update here. Hope everything's doing very well with you and your family by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We had an internet connection problem for a couple of days and we weren't able to use our ADSL. We had a dial-up connection the last 2 days but it was a bit slow to open pages or upload photos. Now, our ADSL is back on track (thank God!), so I'm back to blogging again. :)

I altered a clock (with the help of my darling husband) just a week or two ago but totally forgot to post it here to share with you. So here it is....

And yesterday, while we were on my BIL's house (we went there to teach my niece on how to upload/transfer songs to her Ipod shuffle), as I was looking at their wall idea entered my mind. Something's telling me to alter it..hehehe! So, hubby told them that we will be bringing home their clock just for a night and return it the next day with a new look. =) I wasn't able to take a "before" photo of this clock (and so was the above clock), but I guess you'll somehow have an idea how it looked like before I altered it. Here's the clock....

Like the first altered clock, hubby helped me with the colour combos (thanks daddy!). When we brought it to my BIL's house this evening, they were really surprised with its new look. And they liked it! =) My SIL even told me that she'll buy another clock bigger than this one and she'll have me alter it. LOL!

SO, yeah..those were my projects lately. I'm in the process of making cards tonight (if I wouldn't be feeling sleepy), I actually made one already...oh, two I mean but I still have to do some finishing touches. I will upload the photos soon as I finish them.

This is it for now....hope you'll have a good night sleep. Don't forget to pray. =)

God bless everyone!



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