11 May 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!! Yes, I'm back to my regular postings (hopefully) and sorry for being detached from the blogland for more than 2 months now. A lot of things had happened but nothing to worry about. :)  Things just really got so busy and I even went on a holiday in the Philippines for 18days to attend my father's 70th birthday last April 11.  It was a surprise for him and it really was a success!! :) And of course, precious were the moments that I spent with my family and friends as well.  I went alone as it was just a very short holiday. Hubby had his leave from work and he looked after the boys and our dwelling while I was away. Yes! He managed to take care of the boys and house chores and everything (well, almost everything, LOL!) was in order when I got back!! Wow! I really thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful and ever-supportive hubby! ♥

Okay, on to the card.  I actually made this few days before my holiday.  A church-friend will attend a wedding (during that time) and she wanted a purple card for that. I combined it with black (and white) to make it look elegant.

And here's a close-up shot of the stamped couple wherein I used my Martha Stewart Crystal Fine Glitter for the bride's gown.

I will upload other cards that I made prior to my holiday but for now, I hope you'll like what I've shared. :)

Have a blessed day and to those who are from Australia (where I live); keep yourself warm as this year's Autumn seems to be a very early Winter for us!!

Thanks for the visit!




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