19 May 2008


Card A

Card B

Hello everyone! This afternoon, I tried 2 sandwich combinations for the purpose of comparing the impression these two sandwiches give. Sample card A was embossed using my sandwich combination (it was on my previous post - the one with the silicone bake pie pan, extra sheets of paper and sheets of cardstock shim). Sample card B was embossed using a different layer of sandwich (silicone, with 2 fun foams). As you can see, card A has a deeper impression than card B (sorry for the small photo, just look at it closer) which proves that fun foams don't give that much "extra" push needed for the cardstock to be embossed deeper. You can try this for yourself and pls feel free to share with us your observations and experience between the 2 sandwich combos. THANKS!

'Til then, happy CUTTLEBUGGING!


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