22 September 2008

Trying a New Technique

Reverse Masking ---

I guess, this isn't probably new to others but this is new for me. I've been googling for some stamping techniques until I stumbled upon this one. So, after convincing myself, I decided to give it a try. ;-)

This Snowman (from the Christmas Doodles Collection by Inque Boutique) has been sitting on my crafts storage for a couple of weeks now just waiting to be inked. And when I thought of trying this technique, the first stamp that entered my mind was this cute Snowman (or Snowwoman as the image looks more feminine lol!)

What do you think of this technique?? Have you tried it yourself?

I'll just post the details tomorrow as I feel so sleepy already. Gotta hit the bed now.

Nyt y'all! God bless us. :-)



  1. Jhet,

    thanks for stopping by my blog and for the anniversary wishes. I really appreciated make the sweetest cards - keep up the good work...

    hugs sistah

  2. What a cute snowpeople card...hope it doesn't snow here just yet though, I'm liking the fall weather a little too much! Can't wait to read how you made it, not sure what reverse masking is myself so hope you share!!


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