18 November 2008

First Flap Card and Another Altered Project

Hello my fellow bloggers and readers! Hope everything's doing very well with you. How was your weekend? Well, as I've mentioned on my previous post, my DS2 Jhetro had a fever and he only got a bit well yesterday morning. And yes, I've missed my Mother's Weekend Away last weekend because of that. It was actually a 3-day weekend away for mothers and was part of my DS2's childcare program. They know how stressful it is to have kids and so they came up with this one. The package was worth AU$100, free ensuite room and food and most of all, a whole body massage (which I was really looking forward to). Well, what can I do? I have to be there for my son (or maybe he sensed that I'm going away and he doesn't want me to..LOL!)

Anyway, here's my first ever flap card to share. I made it while looking at tutorial over the Scor Pal site. I just made the card a bit smaller as I used some of my used supplies for a starter.

Instead of using snap magnets, I used velcro and cut the round one to half. ;-) The patterned paper (patterned cardstock actually), was from DCWV pocketful of posies stack. I used my nestabilities to cut a plain circle and a scalloped one (In Color Blue Sky). I did paper piercing on the scalloped areas and tied a Blue Sky stitched grosgrain ribbon on top of the flap. I'm into altering these days. I altered another wood project last Saturday.
Below is the project on it's unassambled state. I was actually waiting for the Mod Podge to dry when this was taken.

Here's the assembled one (front view):

A bit of a side view shot:

And this one with a card I made using the leftover of the papers that I used on this project.

I really liked how this project turned out. You may notice that there were no flowers or embellishments. Well, I'm still yet to put some, or maybe I won't either. I dunno...maybe I'll just put a layered flowers on top and that's it.

Btw, my blog candy will end tomorrow. You know, I'm just a bit sad 'coz there are only few who commented but didn't join ( YOUR COMMENTS ARE REALLY APPRECIATED, just letting you know) and only one person submitted a card inspired by my caddy. :-( I even extended it (and even added few items) as I don't want to rush those who wanted to participate but then I guess my blog candy isn't that sweet at all. :-( Or maybe I'm havin' my blog candy at the wrong time? (people are too busy to join the candy) Or maybe I'm just being too emotional. Well, it's alright really. I was just of course, a bit surprised as this is my first ever blog candy offer.

Anyway, I won't get tired of giving candies away eventhough there will only be few who will join. Giving is better than receiving and I hope you don't mind if I ranted a bit.

So, happy blogging and I'll see you on my next post.

BTW, I've already hit my 5ooo post!!! Yay!!!!!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. That is so, so, so cute! Sorry you had to miss your mother's weekend. It sounds like a wonderful thing! Hope your son is feeling much, much better!


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