21 June 2009

Thanks for the Prayers

Hello everyone! You may be wondering why I haven't posted for awhile. Well, first and foremost, I was busy reviewing for my Australian Citizenship test. I took the test last Thursday, 18 June and thank God, I passed with flying colours! Got a perfect score!! Yay! So yeah, I will just have to fill up forms and wait for the oathtaking. It's a new ruling here in Australia that before you become a citizen, you have to take the citizenship exam test and, get at least 12 out of 20 correct answers and you have to answer the 3 mandatory questions correctly.

Then on Friday, I was admitted at the hospital for a day procedure. I had Endoscopy and Colonoscopy which was done in one go the day after I had my test. The preparation was the hardest part. :( Imagine I wasn't allowed to take any solid foods (just water, clear fruit juice and clear soup) a day before the procedure. SO just imagine how dizzy I was while I was taking the citizenship exam at 130PM! And I really prayed a lot to God for strength and He answered it! My medical procedure went well, nothing nasty was seen. I was found to have an inflamed antrum so they took some tissue to have it checked but my local doctor told me that it's nothing serious. They just want to know if the inflammation is due to acid or to a certain type of bacteria.

To those who have prayed for me, thanks so much. I really appreciate it and it only proved that God really answers prayers. He is so faithful and we really can rely on Him, all we have to do is lift everything up to Him and be still. He is God and He knows what's best for each and everyone of us. Thanks again for the prayers. I'm still a bit groggy due to anesthesia, I feel sleepy everytime since Friday but other than that, I'm doing fine. Back to my full meal....and will be back soon to stamp and create cards. :)

All glory, honour and praise belongs to Jesus. Amen.

Thanks for the visit.


  1. Great to hear from you Jhet. Congratulations on passing the Citizenship test. How exciting. Take care ... hope the doctors have you on the mend.

  2. Congrats on passing the Citizenship test Jhet and hope you are well soon.Take care.

  3. Oh Jhet, I'm so sorry that you have had health concerns lately, but I'm so glad that it is nothing serious!!! Congratulations on your exam - soon to be a fully fledged Aussie!!! WOOHOO!!! :)


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