22 August 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Yay! My blog is now once again up and running!!! Thanks to my husband who did all what he could to fix this problem. Even if it meant deleting some of our files from April onwards! LOL! But then of course, before he did it he transferred most of our files to an external drive just to make sure we wouldn't lose anything important :D

I missed each and every one of you! I will be posting the cards I made the past week in one GO so you can be updated with everything in just one sitting. LOL!

I would also like to thank my very lovely and kind friend Kathy for posting for me. Thanks sooo much Kathy! I really appreciate it. I shared to her the good news re: ODBD Customer Card of the Day and my eagerness to share it with you but I was having blogger problems then. And I was sooo glad when she said yes if she could do the "shoutout" for me. :) Thanks once again, Kathy!! :)

Happy Saturday and have a blessed day everyone!

Be back later! :)


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