24 September 2009


Hello everyone! Yesterday was an awful day for most of us here in Australia. Sydney (where I am) experienced Dust Storm and other states experienced other natural calamities. Hubby went to work at 5am and in just a little while sent me an SMS and told me not to do the laundry as there's a dust storm approaching. And yeah, at around 5:15am as I looked out from our window, I saw a very red sky and the scene was so eerie. I woke up my eldest son and showed him what I've seen and he too was shocked. It was very windy and so I went out of our room and shut all the windows just so the dust won't come in though it's a bit late. I managed to took photos from our window and here they are:

That's what we had yesterday. DS1 and I prayed in the middle of the Dust Storm because in natural calamities such as this, there's nothing you can do but pray because God is always in control of everything. After praying, I called some of our family friends to check out how they're doing or if they were, at that time, aware of what's happening outside.

The sky turned clear and blue around 2pm though it's too dusty around here. :) I already did some vacuuming and cleaning and I think will be doing it until weekend. My cough got worse and I sometimes feel suffocated because of the dust but I thank God really for taking control of everything.

I will be sharing with you a card which I made a few days ago. It's Vintage Birthday (just so you have a hint, LOL!) and I used my new K&Company Charlotte paper pad (so yummy!).

Be back later. Thanks for the visit! Have a blessed day.


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  1. Great shots there Jhet...I don't envy you at all with that dust. Can you believe that it is up here in Gordonvale/Cairns now. Not as thick as what you guys had it yesterday but at the mo it everything smells of dust and looks like smoke.


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