28 December 2011

My Project Last Christmas

Hello fellow bloggers, stampers and crafters! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day with your family and friends.  Few days from now and we will be welcoming the New Year --- how fast the time flies!  I sometimes wish it will go slow a bit especially when you're having good times and creating lasting memories with family, relatives and friends.  :)  Anyways, been busy before Christmas and I failed to share this project that I made for the season.  It's a wreath --- a Christmas Balls Wreath.

The ornament balls (silver ones) were leftovers from what I've used on our Christmas tree and I just added few coloured balls to give it some pop.  The pine cones were from a gift that we received from a church friend and the tinsel was from the dollar shop.  The ribbon was from a previous sale and I'm so glad how it complemented my wreath. I made the bow myself. :)

This was just easy to make, so easy that my hubby got inspired and had a take on this. Here's his finished wreath:

I called his wreath "wintery wreath" because of its colours. :)  What do you think? (I also made the bow on this). As I've said, this project is so easy and you can find a lot of instructions on the web.

Thanks so much for looking and have a blessed Wednesday!


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