22 March 2012


Wow! I just couldn't believe it that in 10 days time I will be celebrating my blogoversary! Which also means that I will be turning 4 years in the blogland! Yay! Praise God for this wonderful blessing! Although I admit I have been so slack in postings the past couple of months due to being busy around the house (cause I still believe that family comes first!) :) I'm still thankful that YOU, my dear followers, never get tired of visiting my blog and following me and leaving me inspiring comments. Actually, even if I don't get comments on my cards or postings, I'm still happy because I was able to share things that I enjoyed creating --- my cards!

The mere fact that my counter gets a bigger number each time only means that someone's taking time to visit my blog either by chance or by searching for something via Google, it doesn't matter really. I'm happy to know that someone spends time looking at my cards or projects and find inspiration from them. Thanks very much!

To all my followers and visitors, thank you very, very much! And as my way of saying thank you, I will come up with a BLOGOVERSARY CANDY as a small treat! Stay tuned for it.

Thanks once again and may God bless us all!


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  1. Wishing you a great blogoversary, my friend!!! Love your creations and your uplifting words of encouragement and faith!!! Lisa


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