02 September 2008


Hello to you all! From my blog title itself...yes, this card is for a friend and I will be sending it to her today. I can't tell her name for she reads my blog and I wanted to surprise her with this. I was able to finish this last night and I feel kinda proud (*wink* *wink*) of myself with this card. Not because the image is so cute, but the colour combos are gorgeous as well! (tee hee! for me) I was thinking what ribbon colour to use until hubby stepped in and gave me a bit of his suggestion. So, the ribbon ended up in blue which somehow complemented Sarah Kay's jeans. I used Copic Spica on her hat, and on the sentiment, though it wasn't captured by the camera. Ohh..she's so lovely.

I put a lot of effort in tying the ribbon (I'm not good at this). I was even in front of the pc watching some tutorials on how to tie a ribbon...and I did it! (and that's another reason why I'm proud of this one LOL!) My husband told me that this card is gorgeous and that I'm getting better in making cards (what a sweet support).

So, tell me this card gorgeous?? (hahaha!) I really hope my friend likes it. Let's wait and see. :)

See you later!



  1. Oh wow!! this card sure is gorgeous Jhet! Your friend will love it I'm sure!! she is so lovely isn't she!!
    the blue ribbon looks really goo with the brown and orange!!
    *hugs* and God Bless,

  2. Yes, very nice card, Jhet! Good job!!! She'll love it!

  3. Hey Jhet, I got your comment on the cupcakes, I would love to trade for some Sarah Kay images, if you want, email me.

  4. I love this image! You did a great job colouring it, and the colours are great too!


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