31 August 2008

Two Quick Cards

Made these cards for 40minutes (but the image was already pre-coloured :) ) I made these for the two young girls in our church (Reena and Jamie) who happens to be "best friends". Notice that the image are the same, I just coloured them differently and used other cardstock colours to complement the image. I'm glad 'coz they both liked them. :)

The photo above was taken with camera flash on (that's why the glittery parts showed)

While this one was taken without the flash...

Got a bit of a migraine so I'll call this a day now. Will post more cards soon as I finished them. Btw, I'm already done with my SCS image swap (c/o SAMMI ) and will post them tomorrow. This is my first image swap and I'm soooo excited. ;)

Good night everyone. God bless you all.



  1. Cute image; I'm sure they were thrilled!!!

  2. These little girls are just so cute! How could your friends not like them?

  3. Thanks! They were both thrilled upon seeing the cards. They even compared their cards hahaha! Girls are girls...they're so sweet.

  4. These are so adorable!! Lovely work!! Love your colouring, great colour choices and what a great idea using the same image but varying colours etc!! Love the Layout too!! I can see why they would have been thrilled!!
    God Bless,

  5. Jhet! These are absolutely adorable! You are such a sweet person for making cards for the people you know. God bless you sis! You deserve it!


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