11 December 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Hi everyone! I know most of you have just woke up but in my part, I'm about to sleep 'coz it's already 1:14am here in Australia. :) Well, just want to share with you what I came up with tonight. But before that, I'll tell you a bit about what happened today. Me and my DS2 Jhetro went to my husband's work on his second shift and was with him the whole time he's driving the bus (my hubby is a bus driver here which is under the state transit). He picked us up from our house during his meal break then went with him on the bus. My darling son enjoyed it very much as he really loves buses!

After my husband knocked off from work, we then picked up DS1 Jared from his school. At around 5ish, we then went again to his school for a Parent-Teacher interview. My hubby and I are so proud of him as he got really good grades. His teachers were very amazed with his performance and they said that Jared is really different from kids of his age. Meaning, he's very mature and most of the words that he speaks are not "common" words that you would hear for a 9-yr old boy. Well, I must say that my son really is fond of reading and boy, he's got a very good memory! I feel so blessed for him. I'm so blessed with my kids and of course, with my husband.

Fast forward -- we then went to Officeworks as I want to buy coloured pencils which aren't water-based so I can use it with my blending stumps and baby oil. (remember I ran out of blender pen?) After doing a bit of searching, I decided to buy the Crayola pencil set of 36 which only costed me AU$4! I was also able to buy cardstocks which are on "special" prices. You can see it on the card that I've just finished. Here it is:

To tell you honestly, I'm a cardmaker and a stamper who doesn't own a lot of stamps. I don't do stamp-shopping that much because we're a single-income family and I have to stick to the family budget. I however do some shopping once in awhile but I train myself (and always make a note to self) that I can't always get what I want. ;-) I always tell this to my kids as well, that we may not always get what we want, but we are so blessed to receive the things that we need. And that's enough for me, really. So what I do is, improvise sentiments by printing them onto computer and finding some gorgeous images online to colour and put onto a card just like this one. I'm also blessed that I always find bargains online and offline and I have cyber friends who are so kind and generous to send me stamped images. You know who you are ---thanks so much!

I coloured my image using the Crayola that I just bought and I was so surprised that the colours can easily be pulled by the stumps. And the colours are vibrant as well. I patterned the sketch to SC146 over SCS and finished off the card by putting Copic Spica glitter pen onto the baubles.

Here's a different shot that captured the sparkle.

And a different angle shot..

This is all for now. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving lovely comments.

May our good Lord bless us always.

with love,



  1. Beautiful! I love the soft coloring so much! Glad you had such a wonderful day, sounds great! Now, if I could find my way to my craft room again, I'd be set! Sweet dreams (I just woke up!)

  2. very cute and you colored it very well. great idea to print off the images. Wish I could do that but it seems our printer/s are never working LOL

  3. This looks GREAT Jhet!!! I love the soft colouring look and I really have to give that a go!!! Where did you get the Copic spica glitter pen?? Oh, and where did you get your dew drops?? :)

  4. Hi Jhet!!!
    Sounds like that was a fun day... I looked at this the other day but could not leave a comment properly :(
    Your coluring is FAB!!! I love the new effect!! :) Can't wait to see more really!!! lol.
    Printing images off is a good idea...that's why I started drawing my own images really (couldn't afford to just buy every stamp I want). :)

  5. Love how your colouring came out. I too am one for finding pictures on the internet and from home - and using them for my cards as well.


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