09 February 2009

New Blog Background and a Valentine's Card

Hello blogging community! I've been browsing for a new blog background and I ended up with something much similar to my previous background - only this time it has a touch of green on it. But I like it! How about you? ;)

Well, after finishing my card for FS105, while I'm sorting out and cleaning up my stuffs, I saw this left-over dp by Heidi Grace and a pink cardstock with a size good enough to make a card. So, without wasting any time, I whipped up a Valentine's card, stamped and heat-embossed my sentiment (see? I told you, I'll be using this gun more often now, lol!). Cuttlebugged the pink panel and put them altogether! I finished it off by putting dots all over the black cs using my white gel pen. And here's my finished product:

A very simple Valentine's card. I'll be sending this to a friend this week hoping it would reach her before Valentine's day. This is actually a small card measuring 5" x 4.125", but still I managed to make a mini lay-out/sketch for this. lol! I just realized that black and pink look good together. Well, it was actually my husband who made me realize that because he's the one who took notice of it. My hubby is my number one critic and I appreciate it 'coz it gives me that little push to go out of my comfort zone and to improve my cardmaking skills. :)
I feel like making another card before I go to sleep but..hmmm, well...let's just wait and see.
Thanks for reading my blog and for following it. It means a lot to me and it helps knowing I somehow inspired you in my own little way.
Happy stamping!



  1. This is really lovely Jhet.

  2. This is awesome... Black and pink is lovely! Well done to your hubby!!

    Oh and I do love the new background... green goes well with your other colours (pink and brown). lol



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