08 April 2009


Hello once again! This card was inspired by Michelle Zindorf's Lone Wolf. I was longing to have a brayer and some silhouette stamps and now I got them, I decided to give it a go.

I know this card didn't get so close to Michelle's but this is my FIRST time so I hope you understand if this is a bit of a mess. hahaha!

I read Michelle's tutorial while I was doing this but I just don't know what happened to my mountains. LOL! And the hill didn't end up to be a hill as well....more of a cliff (another LOL!). But I liked the outcome of that cliff (?) anyway. Honestly, I really enjoyed the whole process and I'm learning a lot. :) Here's my finished card (and don't laugh, pls? hahaha)

The camera didn't catch the blackness of the cliff here. IRL it's really black!! Anyways, I hope you somehow liked this card because I like it! (I better should, it's mine! LOL!)
Thanks for looking...more posts later!


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  1. Another wonderfu card .... love all the colouring.


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