26 August 2008

BIC Mark-it Markers

Here are the markers that I'm currently using aside from Copic markers. I told you on my previous post that I will be asking my husband to accompany me to buy myself another set of this Bic Mark-It markers but darling hubby inititated and bought the "Color Collection" for me (isn't he sweet?) So, here are my markers, the left set is the "Paradise Pastels" which is my first set and the new one is the one on the left, which is the "Color Collection". Heard Bic has 36 markers so I'll be watching out for the rest of the sets. :)

Will use them in a little while and post some pics here. For the meantime, dinner is already waiting. See you later!



  1. oooh...what a lovely husband!! :)
    Can't wait to see what you colour with them... hmmm.. might have to look for those myself too.. lol

  2. Hi Sam!

    The last 2 cards that I have uploaded here were coloured with Bic markers (but only the Pastel ones)'s nice and works like Copic. (and cheaper, too!)

    See you around. Sent you a PM re our image swap at SCS.


  3. My mom just bought these the other day and I tried them out, they work pretty good and much more cost effective :-) Welcome to sbs22.

  4. Oh cool!! I just realised I had read that too!! I'm just a bit slow :) They look really good!! :) I replied to you on SCS too

  5. Hi Jhet! I bought the pastel ones too, but haven't really used them a whole lot. I'll have to geve them another go. :)


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