17 September 2008

I Got An AWARD!!!

Have a lookey...

Stephenie thinks the cards on my blog are cute (and so is the blogger lol!), so she gave this to me. Thanks Stephie!! This is the very first award that I got on this blog (am I teary-eyed here lol!) Now, I'm passing this award to Sammi, Kathy, Sandie and Peggy. Their blogs are gorgeous as well.
Have a blessed day everyone!



  1. Hi Jhet!!! Congratulations on the award! You so deserve it! You are so incredibly talented! Well done Sweets!

  2. Oh thank you lovely!! That is really sweet! I do love your blog and your creations and I LOVED my birthday card!!! {THANK-you!!} It will be up on my blog this week! As soon as I get our place a bit ordered and take some photos!! :)

    where did Spring go?? :`(

  3. Thank you, Jhet, for the award! I love your cards and posts you do. The House Mouse card is sooooo cute.


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