19 September 2008

My "ME" Days

Thursdays and Fridays are my "me" days. DS1 is in school and DS2 is in the childcare (and hubby's at work). So, yesterday I went to the nearest shopping centre which is just a walking distance from our place. In the morning while I was busy tidying up things, I saw the this magazine that has the DCWV ads and saw some brand new stocks of stacks! I hurriedly finished the things that need to be done then I headed to the shopping centre. And the rest is!

I was so overwhelmed upon seeing their shelves full of new DCWV stacks! I found Nana's Nursery stack (boy & girl), Blossoms and Butterflies, Jewel Cardstock, their Matchmakers and alot more! I tell you, DCWV's are very rare here in Australia and a stack costs AU$19.93 (to those who have Michaels, HL and Joann's -- you're very lucky!!) So, I grabbed myself these things for the meantime :-)

I know I will be using this cardstock stack so I got one and oh, this adhesive mat stack!! They're very nice! I tried using my Olivia Alphas with them and wow!!! They're like sticker paper only with cardstock feature. I will be buying more of it soon. I put some of their 12x12 stacks on lay-by (just to make sure 'coz they sell like hotcakes!) lol!

And this mesh hobby basket!!! I bought this so that I could put some of my stuffs especially when I'm doing a card or project and have to stop and finish it at a later time. There's my paper trimmer, Cuttlebug plates and some folders, bits & pieces of this and that. So handy!! Can you see the blue thing that looks like a big notebook? It's a display or presentation book. It has 30 clear plastics pages (non-refillable) and that's where I put my SU! cardstocks so I can easily flip through and see what I have. At the moment I only have 3pcs of each colour family set. Bazzill cardstocks have a different storage. I bought this clear display notebook a month ago and it's on clearance for AU$2. ;-)

And you know how much I bought this basket??? Originally it's AU$5 as it's written on the shelf but I asked a salesperson just to make sure 'coz it doesn't have any bar code at all. The lady salesperson then asked the supervisor and came back to tell me that they're giving it for an off-range price amounting to .....AU$2!!! What a bargain!!!!

And since I'm in the mood organising things, (remember this is ME day so I have so much time to do what I want to do), I also made a storage for my Nestabilities.

These are the set of Nesties that I have for now. You've probably seen this type of storage many times but I gave it a try and joined the bandwagon. So far, it's working. ;-)

This is all for now and let me know what you think of these things that I shared with you. I guess I'll have a regular "ME" days category on my blog so I can share with you what I've done or been doing during these times. :-) That would be fun.

Off to prepare for our Bible study tonight!

See you later! ;-)


  1. Ooh... how fun! Can't wait to see what you make!!
    I got a pack of the Big Jewell coloured paper today at BigW! :)

  2. It's good that you have some "me" time. I also love those DCWV paper stacks, I've been buying one or two lately.


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