20 January 2009

Asking for Prayers..

On a serious note, may I ask you to say a prayer for my husband as he will be having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning at 730 am (AEST). It's just a routine check-up and I was actually the one who encouraged him to undergo this simple procedure. Besides, it's good to know whether your tummy is in top shape or not...and, this would be covered by Medicare so everything's free. :) Please pray that the procedure will all go well and that the result will all be normal. If it isn't too much, kindly include him in your quiet moment with our Lord. I appreciate it and will keep you posted about it.

Thanks very much! May our good Lord bless you all!



  1. oh good for you for encouraging him & good for him for listening to you!!! ;) I hope all goes well!

  2. I hope he comes through with flying colors!


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