22 October 2009

Christmas Card with Bow Easy!!

Hello fellow bloggers and stampers! Happy Thursday to all of you! I know I still have a lot of photographed cards to post but they kept on piling up as I make new ones. LOL! So,I decided tonight to post the latest card that I finished --- just an hour ago. ;)

This card took 2-3 days to finish! Whew! Well, I don't know but I bet you also have those days when it seems that your Mojo is on a holiday? That's exactly what happened to me these past few days. I knew what stamp to use, I already have one colour which is Going Gray but I got stucked somewhere! Until I saw stampersandee's O Hear the Angel Voices Card over SCS. I was inspired by the grayish sky and the masked moon so I somehow CASE'd her colouring a bit.

This is also the first time I used my Bow Easy on a card! Yay! Thanks to Sharon Johnson for the wonderful email she sent me on how to do the bow the way she does it....beautifully!! Especially with her Autumn Blessings card -- so fab!! I PM'ed her and left a message on her blog but I never knew she would reply to my inquiry straight away. Thanks Sharon - I really appreciate it!

Here's my card:

The colours are not your usual Christmas card colours but I'm starting to like the non-traditional ones. Sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zone and try new things! :)

Thanks so much for looking and please leave a comment when you get the chance so I'll know that you stopped by.

God bless everyone! Hugs to all.




  1. Great card Jhet ....interesting colours for Christmas but hey work so well. Thanks for the Bow Easy link this sounds interesting and your bow looks wonderful.


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