08 September 2008


Hi everyone! Weather is lovely here in Sydney atm. It's been raining lately but today, the sun is up and shining (and smiling at!). I haven't done any card since yesterday but hopefully before the day ends I will be able to make one. Though I'm done colouring some images, they just have to be matted and put on a card.

And speaking of images, my first image swap from SCS will arrive anytime this week! Yay! I'm so excited. It's actually my first image swap and we're just having it locally at the moment (within Australia only).

Btw, can someone point me where I can have these Stamping Bella and Hanna stamps images?? I really like to have these stamps but they're all from US & Canada and we don't have them here. :( So, I'm settling for just stamped images of these lovely ladies and I'm willing to trade for any images that I have here. I went to SCS but I couldn't find a thread where I can swap any of my images here for a Hanna or Bella. All I know is when you're looking for a particular image you have to trade the same image (but different design) as well?? (am I right? Anyone who can shed light on this thing?) I ordered the Hanna 'Tis the Season set but I don't know when it will arrive.

So, if anyone out there who has a kind heart to give/swap any Bella or Hanna stamped image, please let me know. I'm so, so willing to have them even as stamped images. ;)

Thanks in advance. God bless us all.


  1. I think you might be very pleased with the image that I added to the SCS swap (I hope)

  2. Hey Sammi! got me more excited there huh?!

    How are you? Thanks for always dropping by on my blog and for reading my sometimes rambling posts. lol!

    God bless you!

  3. Hi Jhet!
    I have a few Riley stamps from Hanna, are you looking for any of those? If you are let me know :D

  4. Hi Jhet!
    Next time you go to SCS RAK forum, go to the WishRAK sub-forum and join it. You can list wishes for images you want and you can grant wishes to others. I belong to WishRAK and have received several very nice Bella images, House Mouse and others. I have sent many images to grant others' wishes too. Let me know if you join WishRAK.
    If you would email me with your last name and address, I would be willing to send you some images of my stamps.
    My email is
    Blessings, Kathy


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